About Us

Starting from the recruiters and the hiring managers all the way to the developers, the interviewing process is painful.

For enterprises generally it involves the recruiter finding developers through various sources, passing their resumes on to the hiring manager and then after several reviews, scheduling phone interviews with the willing developers.

For developers it is the process of either applying for a job or being contacted by recruiters and then going through a phone interview for each job they are interested in. All this results in wastage of money, resources and most importantly time.

EDRepublic is in the business of matchmaking Developers with Enterprises. We let the developer create a profile based on their resume, their linkedin account and their github accounts. We analyze and ask them to validate their skill set once by either writing code or submitting their previously written code. Our validation results in a universal skill set score along with a suitability index assigned to the developer for each company they can apply for.

Enterprises can set requirements for type of candidates they are looking for. The developers suitability index for each enterprise is calculated using these company specific requirements. Recruiters can then search candidates by suitability index or by skill score, and can even have hiring managers look at their written code to see if they are a good fit.

We want to help enterprises save time and resources. We want to help developers to get hired more efficiently. Our goal is for developers and enterprises to find their best match with the least amount of friction in the least amount of time.